visit the display

Location: 15 Ambush Lane Churchville, NY 14428

Where: A typical neighborhood track - 15 Ambush Lane Churchville, NY 14428

What: A stand-and-watch Halloween display in a front yard. Similiar to a Christmas light show.

It includes a 30-min looping soundtrack with coordinated lights, and special effects.

***The music and special effects occur each scheduled night --Weather Permitting--

Cost: A donation to The Dream Factory of Rochester using the "Donate Here" button at the top of the page. Donate what you can. Every dollar helps!

100% of all donations will go directly to the Dream Factory - Rochester.

Neighborhood Safety & Parking

  • Please drive slowly and watch for children.

  • Please be respectful of the neighborhood. Park on streets only and be careful not to block driveways.

  • Please keep all vehicles on the road and do not pull onto the edge of the grass.

  • Expect Onsite Support from the Monroe County Sheriff.

  • There may be restricted parking on the South-side of Ambush Lane. Parking on the North-side would be allowed. Signs will be posted.

  • A small portion of Ambush Lane (directly in front of the house) will be closed to traffic.

  • Vehicles can still flow past the house using the half-circle. (See Map)

  • There will be no parking in front of the house.

  • Park and walk will likely be required. There are no onsite bathrooms.

  • This event is supported by the Town of Chili, Monroe County Sheriff, and Chili Highway Department. We are grateful for their assistance!

Weather: Light rain is usually not a problem. Heavy rain or wind can cancel the display for that night. Please check back here for updates.


You can visit the display anytime within reasonable hours.

The music, lights, and special effects will only be used on the following nights/times: **Weather Permitting**

  • Thursday Oct 20: Dark - 9pm (Dark is about 615-630pm)

  • Friday Oct 21: Dark - 10pm

  • Saturday Oct 22: Dark - 10pm

  • Thursday Oct 27: Dark - 9pm

  • Friday Oct 28: 5pm - 10pm (with Kona Ice & Macarollin Food Trucks) Plus meet the Captains!)

  • Saturday Oct 29: 5pm - 10pm (with Kona Ice & Macarollin Food Trucks) Plus meet the Captains!)

** Pre-Order MACAROLLIN Online for Pickup Friday or Saturday **

  • Sunday Oct 30: Dark - 8:30pm

  • Halloween: 5pm - 8:30pm

Some of your favorite food trucks will be onsite Oct 28th and 29th!

** Pre-Order Online for Pickup Friday or Saturday **