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Solid. Sturdy. Wind/Weatherproof. Premium Exterior Paint. Incredibly Detailed, individually cut bricks. Lightweight. Back panel removable/access to inside.

Designed to utilize a garden stake or to hold concrete blocks on the inside (for weight).  

Beware of alternatives that will tip over in the slightest wind.

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Cemetery Archway Entrance Details:

Towering 9.5’ tall x 9’ wide. BIGGER than any others out there!   Plenty of room to walk under the archway.  

Sturdy and can hold up in high winds and bad weather.

Unmatched Details- Individually cut bricks

Hand carved and hand brushed. Each brick has its own authentic look and texture on its face.

Formular rigid insulation board which holds up better than cheaper alternatives. 

2x2 wood frame with construction screws and exterior adhesive.

Breaks down into 3 manageable pieces.

Removable back panel for adding weight or a ground stake.

Holds up great in the wind and weather.

Designed to utilize a garden stake or to hold concrete blocks on the inside (for weight).  

(just put a garden stake in the ground and slide the pillars over them... then zip tie to the stake. It works great!)  

Beware of alternatives that will tip over in the slightest wind. 

Super Lightweight

Hard Finish

Water-sealed arch

Dry brushed for an aged, worn, and mossy brick look

Removable Gate Sections

Removable Top Caps

Ground-Ready Pressure Treated Base

1-Person Installation

Special Requests - Modifications - Custom Sizes

Ask about lights, webs, moss, vines, sconces, skeletons, gargoyles, candles, etc.

Archway Options:

2-piece, aged, scalloped gate with Skull Finales and chain

Corpsed Skeletons (can be holding lighted candles (battery operated) or a Guardian Spear


18” Foam Gargoyles


Custom Arch letters (up to 8) 

Additional Arch words (8+ letters)


4’ Sections

Heavily Aged and Painted PVC with gargoyle finials. 

Removable, Easy-Install Sections

2pc Gate with chain OR 1 pc fence sections

Fencing/Gates Options:

Scalloped or Straight

Up to 8ft long

Corpsed Skeletons:

Full-sized, double aged and rotted.

Pillar Details:

2’ x 2’ x 4’ Tall

2’ x 2’ x 6’ Tall

14” x 14”’ x 3’ Tall

Same construction & details as entrance archway

Removable back panel for adding weight or a ground stake.

Super Lightweight

Wind and Weather-proof Hard Finish 

Premium Paint and Primer

Removable Caps

Caps can support up to 40 Pounds

Ground-Ready Pressure Treated Base

Special Requests - Modifications - Custom Sizes

Pillar Options: 

36” Premium Cast Gargoyle Statues (based on availability)

18” Coated foam Gargoyles

Lanterns with hanging bracket

Gargoyle Sconce

Fencing or Gates

Further Details:

*IMPORTANT NOTE: These items are made to order.  There is typically no "on-hand stock".  

**Orders placed are considered to be for the upcoming Halloween Season. Delivery will occur by late September (unless you've requested otherwise). Please reach out for a shipping quote.

***Please order well in advance. Orders late into the year may not be completed for that upcoming Halloween.  Please reach out with any questions. 

Please clarify your customizations and contact me for a custom order quote.

FYI....  ships from western NY.  

Shipping may must be quoted. The shipping listed is an estimate. Less distance = Less Cost.

Please contact me for a shipping quote.   Pickup may be an option. I'll work with you.  There is no easy way to get something this big across the country. Shipping for an item this large is never free.

CUSTOM Lettering can be completed on request. See the picture with a customer requested "D&A CEMETERY". (The D&A are the letters of their first names)

Your order will be similar to what is shown but could vary slightly.

Split-Payment arrangements are an option, but a non-refundable down payment will be required.  

If you are local or plan to pick up the item, we can set up a custom order with no shipping cost.

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