visiting the display 

FAQ & Important information BEFORE visiting

Where is it? 15 Ambush Lane Churchville, NY 14428 Click here for Google Maps 

What is it? A 40 minute "stand-and-watch" Halloween light show in a front yard that is best viewed after dark (6:30ish) - Similar to a Christmas light show.  Expect loud music, flashing lights and some special effects. 

The 40-minute music, light, and special effects show will begin at ~6:30pm on each scheduled night and run 3-4 times or until the scheduled end time.... --Weather Permitting-- 

When can I see it?


The 2023 Music & Light show schedule has not been finalized yet. We are currently working to get support for visitor flow and traffic. 

Please check back for dates and times.  We are expecting to be open limited days the last 2 weekends in October.

In the meantime - You can visit during the day if you would like. Please stay behind the ropes.

Static display lights may be on in the evenings throughout the month.

How will I know about updates to the schedule?

Please follow Halloween On Ambush on Facebook to stay updated!

Facebook: HalloweenOnAmbush

What happens when I arrive?

You stand and watch the display, enjoy some food or beverages from the food vendors (on select nights), purchase merchandise (100% of sales go directly to the dream factory) and make a donation using the QR codes onsite.

What is the cost: Visiting is Free!  But a donation to The Dream Factory is strongly encouraged and certainly appreciated.  Halloween on Ambush is a non-profit event.

You can use the "Donate Here" button at the top of this page, or the QR codes onsite.  Every dollar helps!  

**100% of all donations will go directly to the Dream Factory.

Where do I park?

See the section below about "Neighborhood Safety and Parking".  Parking is limited to 1-SIDE ONLY on all neighborhood roads.  This is a necessity and is for everyone's safety. Do not block driveways or drive on lawns.

Park-and-walk will be required.  Expect to walk to the display. 

What if it rains?  Rain is usually not a problem. Heavy rain or wind can cancel the display for that night.  Please follow Halloween On Ambush on Facebook to stay updated!

Facebook: HalloweenOnAmbush

Are there 2 entrances/exits to your neighborhood?

Yes!  Take a look at google maps before arriving.  Click here---> Google Maps 

Will there be a lot of traffic?

Yes. Please be patient and be prepared.  You can expect volunteers and Police Officers working to keep everyone safe.

Can I drop people off near the display?

You can. But you can not block the road.  Traffic must continue flowing.

Are there onsite bathrooms?

No. Please be prepared.

Where do I stand?  Do you have seating?

There are no seats. But you are welcome to sit/stand on the front lawn or in the road within designated areas. Part of the road will be blocked for this purpose.

How crowded does it get?

Very Crowded at times, but people have space to spread out if they want to. There are slower times as well, and people do cycle in and out.  If you need special assistance you are welcome to reach out and we will accommodate the best we can. 

Can I visit during the day?

Yes, you can visit during daytime hours.  This is good time to get a closer look at the details of the display. Please stay behind the ropes and respect the property.

Neighborhood Safety & Parking