Meet the Captains  

Captain Jack and Hector are professional actors and friends of the family. They will be at the display to meet and greet visitors on select nights.

Captain Jack

Rick Martinez loves to bring joy to children in any way he can. He dedicates his life to volunteering with hospitals, libraries, schools, and many other community organizations. After more than a decade of volunteering as a pirate and reading other authors’ works, he embarked on his own adventure and began writing children’s books. His mission is to restore reading and using the imagination in all of humankind. To inspire parents, to empower children, and to remind the world, nothing is impossible.

Visit his website or contact him on Facebook for Events, Book sales or more information.


James Hanselman has been an interactive actor/enthusiast for over 15 years and has been engaged in Elizabethan, Medieval, Celtic and Pirate Characters. He creates and designs his costumes by embellishing purchased pieces bringing them to an incredible level of realism. His goal is to bring life to the Characters with extreme attention to detail that offers relevance and a believable experience to the Characters he plays. 

For this character, James made the plumed hat, weskit [vest], leather sword baldric, belt, boot tops, earring, sash and purchased buttons produced from the movie character and commissioned the pistol to be close to the actual movie prop. He purchased the frock coat and changed the cuffs and suede accent collar, trim, pinched the back so it fit properly and changed out the buttons to the exact buttons used for the movie costume. He even contacted RIT Dye Company to perform a spectral analysis and dyed the coat to match the movie frock coat perfectly. The monkey was commissioned specially for this character and James made the clothes to match the movie as close as possible.